"Your One Stop Construction Shop"

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BEFORE 6130 Monadnock Way,Oakland, CA

BEFORE - Castro Valley

BEFORE - Downtown Oakland

BEFORE - Daly City, CA

BEFORE - 250 Lilly Ave, Gilroy

AFTER - 6130 Monadcok Way

AFTER and During - Castro Valley

AFTER - Downtown Oakland

AFTER - Daly, City, CA

AFTER - 250 Lilly Ave, Gilroy

Project Management

We are a team of seasoned professional and experienced contractors in different field of construction. We represent the following in a professional capacity .

* Architectural/Design Services
* General Contractors/Developers.
* Construction Management

We are truly your one stop shop.

We are investors investing in real estate
related projects that make sense or will  
find you an investor that will.

You can also visit our partner investment group website, Epona Investment Group, for more information on provate investment opportunities.